General Liability Insurance

Are you looking for General Liability Insurance to cover your club or festival activities?

If your club or festival is looking for insurance coverage for 2024, you may want to take advantage of the group rates offered by the USDBF, through their Insurance Agent. If you are looking to apply for, or renew your Insurance coverage for 2024 you will need to submit your application to Jacka-Liquori Agency. It is required that your club or festival is a member of your Regional Dragon Boat Association. Your membership with ERDBA, SRDBA, ADBA or PDBA will be verified before coverage will begin.

Here are direct links to web based applications:

USDBF Club Annual Liability Application

USDBF Event Insurance Application

Hull Insurance quotation sheet

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

The above links allow you to complete your application and make your payment entirely online.

Here are the “pdf” versions of the above forms that you would have to mail to Liquori:

USDBF Club Application

USDBF Event Application

Here are links to other forms that you may need

USDBF Safety Addendum

Please email or fax applicable Insurance application forms to:

Maria Liquori :
Senior Paddlesport Insurance Administrator

Any questions regarding the above applications should be addressed to Maria Liquori at the email address above. 

Premium payment for the applicable Insurance should be mailed to:

Jacka-Liquori Agency, Inc
121 Pulaski Road
Kings Park, NY 11754
Phone: 631-269-9696
Fax: 631-269-9696
E-Fax: 631-514-3178